The Littlest Agnostic

Now that social media sites have really taken off we find out even more about our friends and family; and if we reflect on it, ourselves.  Many of us use these sites to stay in touch, letting people know what we’re up to during the course of the day.  Some folks use social media exclusively as a soapbox to sell us something, or to rally us for a cause.  Most of us do a bit of both.

This got me thinking about our individual belief systems and how they’re affected by outside forces.  I think anyone reading this would agree that one of the big reasons secretive cults do their business outside of day-to-day cultural constructs is to shield themselves from the “corruption” that may occur if a member “hears the lies” of non-believers.

Recently I read a posted comment eschewing the (supposedly) overly-vocal atheist community, asking that they (we?) back off of the rhetoric and let the Christians (in this case) keep their beliefs without attempting to convert them to “our” way of thinking.  To which my brain asked… “Huh”?

Yes, I too have seen more and more ink spilled recently about the possibility that God (or a god, or a set of gods) might not exist; and yes, it’s possible that what I read or hear might begin to influence my own belief system.  However, I have yet to run across any comments out there that might suggest that the “Atheist Club” is looking to recruit new members.

The old saw states that ‘Knowledge Is Power’ and I must agree.  Many of my attitudes and belief systems have shifted through my years on this little ol’ marble.  I see governments, gays, religions and law making policies with very different eyes than when I was a young man.  However, being informed of other people’s beliefs does not automatically make me want to adopt that belief system, but at least I can say “OK, I get it”.  As an example, I have never noticed any insidious language within the gay community that caused me to believe anyone is trying to recruit me into becoming gay; that’s absurd.  Most of the commentary is framed in a manner that educates, that says “Accept me as I am and I will flourish and be productive in society”.  Acceptance isn’t about being a joiner or a splitter, it’s much simpler than that; simply accept in a nonjudgemental way.  Tricky stuff I know, we all have an ego kicking the stuffing out of our clarity at any given time.

Back to these nefarious atheists I mentioned earlier.  My own beliefs in religion have shifted as I’ve… um, matured.  And now I shall proudly unfurl the beautiful silk banner we agnostics have created!  (Ooooh, Ahhhh….  pretty, huh?)  Hey, it’s my blog so I get to have a little voice here, right?  So now my question is; why are the agnostics being dragged into the atheist compound?  I never said I don’t believe in God!  I just said the jury is still out.  It’s a belief system that hit’s me right in my own wheelhouse; perfect!  I’m seated comfortably on the fence again.  Ah heck, I’m an observer by nature anyway… but while we’re on the subject; want to join our club?  I’ll send you a packet…  ~TH~

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